Our Current Training Sessions as of 28/09/2021. Sessions may change with both seasons and with venue availability.

Our training sessions are only open to club members.  You can join the club here.  A trial membership is available.

All sessions require advance booking.  Each session costs £3.

Monday Pool Swim, Crediton
Lords Meadow Leisure Centre, Commercial Rd, Crediton EX17 1ER
7.30 – 8.30pm, free swimming until 9pm.  Focus of swim will be more on the endurance elements, Technique tailored made to benefit each lane. There will be regular time trials to see progress (may not be T15/20).

Tuesday 19:50- 20:40 and 20:50- 21:40 Static Bike Sessions
Exeter Sports Academy, 33 Marsh Green Rd W, Marsh Barton, Exeter EX2 8PN Focus on top end power hard work for a short period to develop speed and power. Option to do two sessions subject to availability (but if you can do two you are not working hard enough). This session also has the benefits of regular tests to gain information on improvements and metrics to work too. The way this session is delivered and the equipment used means that all members can participate at there own level.

Wednesday – Exmouth Pool Swim
8.30 – 9.30pm. Coached swim smaller group (maximum 18) with more freedom from the set. Two coaches great for those who require or want an individual input and more discussion and explanation. Exmouth Leisure Centre, EX8 1EN

Wednesday – Exeter Pool Swim
9pm to 10pm. Swim set focussed on times, pacing, stroke count, hitting targets. Pyramids Swimming & Leisure Centre, Heavitree Rd, Exeter EX1 2LA

Friday Running Track, Exeter
Exeter Arena Athletics Stadium  Track Session Plan
6-7pm. Session focuses Speed work, muscle endurance and technique specific sessions. Many sessions will have short periods where the focus is on going very hard effort to improve speed. We will be incorporating more technique with explanations to improve members running and experience.

Sunday Road Cycling, Exeter
Multiple Groups none coached session different distances abilities, Focus on aerobic fitness and enjoyment of cycling no drop rule. Keep an eye on Facebook page for groups going out, distances and speed. This is an uncoached free session no booking required. Meet by the Quay Climbing Centre, EX2 8AX at 9am. Normally 2 or 3 groups riding 2-4 hours in duration. Details are often posted on the club Facebook group close to the day.

Sunday – Exeter Pool Swim
5.30pm to 6.30pm. Swim session with drills focus on pace control over shorter distances maintaining form and pace. Pyramids Swimming & Leisure Centre, Heavitree Rd, Exeter EX1 2LA

Additional run session focus on Race Pace muscle endurance elevation and terrain changes. Once the other sessions are established we hope to be able to arrange this we do not want to do it on a Thursday as we want those who want to have the most input into their run to have the option of two sessions.