Committee and Non Committee Posts

Club Officials

To promote the good name of Exeter Triathlon Club in the local community, and in the wider triathlon community. to perform ceremonial roles as invited by the committee to share experience and guidance with the committee to be an ambassador for the sport of triathlon, encouraging participation in and enjoyment of the sport to develop and foster relationships with other clubs for mutual benefit

Management committee general duties for all positions below
To attend Executive Committee Meetings and jointly with other members of the Executive Committee to be responsible for arranging and delivering the functions of the Club.

Specific duties: to organise and chair the Management Committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting.  To be a contact and spokesperson for the club.  To ensure that the functions of the Club are carried out and officers of the Club are carrying out their stated duties.

Vice Chairperson
Specific duties:
to support and deputise for the Chairperson in her/his functions.

Specific duties:
to prepare the agenda for the Management Committee Meetings and the Annual General or Extraordinary General Meetings and ensure that the proceedings are recorded.  To ensure that notice is given of these meetings to the relevant people entitled to attend. To collect correspondence for discussion at management meetings. To liaise with affiliating bodies and insurers.

Specific duties:
to be responsible for all financial matters of the Club including making and accepting payments, keeping records of all transactions, holding any surpluses in an appropriate bank account, and producing balance sheets as requested.  To advise the Management Committee on financial matters.

Membership Secretary

Specific duties: to receive all applications for membership and to bring them to the attention of the Management Committee for their consideration. To keep a record of all persons accepted as members of the Club and from time to time, as requested, produce a list of those members.  To accept and record all payments of membership fees.

Coach Co-ordinator

Specific duties: to be responsible for ensuring that all training organised by the Club is carried out to guidelines provided by the BTA. To be responsible for organising teams to represent the Club and regular meetings of the coaches which are fedback to the management committee.

Club Welfare Officer

Independent member any club member with a grievance or sensitive issue regarding club matters can speak to.

 Publicity Officer
To be responsible to the Management Committee.  To publicise the activities of the Club (including encouraging new members) as directed by the Management Committee and to ensure that “the media” is made aware of and encouraged to give coverage of the Club. Tries to get club results and achievements into local papers.  Keeps a scrapbook with any paper clippings that features club members.

Social Secretary
To be responsible to the Management Committee.  To arrange social activities for members.

Junior Officer
Promotes and runs the junior section for the club.

Event Officers
Lead the organisation of competitive club events.

Kit Officer
Holds, sells and re-orders club kit.

Web Master
Manages and updates the Club internet site and email account

4 General Committee Posts
Assist with the general management of the Club and vote on all relevant issues