Q: I haven’t done a triathlon yet. Can I join?
A: Yes. We are keen to encourage and support first timers in getting to and completing their first race.

Q: How much training will I have to do?
A: This depends on what your aims are. As a member of the club the coaching team will be happy to give you general guidance and the sessions are structured across the year to build towards the race season. You can join in as many or as few sessions as you like.

Q: Do I have to race?
A: No. We aim to encourage participation and enjoyment of the sport and to do this in a friendly environment. Racing is not a requirement.

Q: Do I need to be a member to attend club sessions?
A: Absolutely! The club is run by the members for the benefit of its members. Please contact the membership secretary if you would like to consider a trial session (Due to COVID these are not currently being offered)

Q: How do I join the club?
A: See our membership page for details.


Q: What is the minimum standard of ability required to be able to join a club swim session?
A: If you can swim front crawl for 100m (4 lengths of a 25m pool) at any speed without stopping you will be able to join in with the swim sessions. Coaches will be able to help you with swim technique, and sessions are triathlete specific, over 12 months of the year.

Q: What if I can’t swim that well?
A: As a club we can recommend basic swimming lessons with various people. Please contact the club swimming coach Gavin Coleman or contact your local pool.

Sea Swim
Q: What time and where are the swim sessions?
A: The open water sea swim sessions are on a Tuesday evening at 6.30pm in Teignmouth from June to September. We enter the water at 6.45pm, so you should aim to arrive approximately 15-20 minutes before this to allow enough time to get changed, sign in, collect wristband and coloured swim hat, pay (£3 members, £6 visiting triathletes) . Car keys will be kept safe for you by an on land Safety officer.

Q: Where in Teignmouth is the sea swim?
A: We meet in the Point car park on the strand at the southern end of the seafront, close to the tower. Car Park is free after 6pm.

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Q: Do I need a wetsuit?
A: A wetsuit is preferable for safety reasons, although if you have huge experience of open water swimming without a wetsuit, then you may join in the sessions, at the discretion of the coaches.

Q: How do I know if the sea swim has been cancelled due to bad weather?
A: If a session is cancelled it will be posted on exetertri.co.uk and our Facebook page. Please check this before making your journey.

Q: Will there be a run after the sea swim?
A: If there is an organised run this will be posted on the website as above. You can of course organise your own run afterwards with other members/swimmers – just post a message on Facebook page to gauge interest.

Q: What is the minimum standard of ability required to be able to join a club sea swim session?
A: Swimmers should be able to swim a minimum of 400 metres. We always have a Novice Groups which will cater for those less experienced at Open Water swimming and will show them the skills needed. There are usually another 3 groups of varying speeds who go out for a group swim, buoy to buoy, with a coach offering OW coaching skills. It is important that if people are nervous, or have never done any open water swimming before, that they should join the Novice Group for the first week or 2 until they feel confident to join a swim group. After-all, Open Water swimming is nothing like pool swimming!

Q: Are there different ability groups?
A: Yes. There could be up to 4 groups by ability:
1. Fast pace. This is for swimmers in Lanes 1 & 2. So 400m in less than 6minutes 40 sec.
2. Medium pace. This is for swimmers in lanes 3 & 4. So 400m in 6.45 to 8 minutes.
3. Slower pace. This is for swimmers in lanes 5 & 6. So 400m in over 8 minutes.
4. Novice group. This is for swimmers who are new to open water swimming or for those who lack confidence in this environment.

Q: Are there any changing facilities?
A: No we just change in the car park, but there are toilets about 100m away.


Q: What time and where are the bike rides?
A: We are unable to offer coached bike rides on public roads, but there are some organised rides as well as some arranged through the Facebook page

Q: When and where are the organised bike rides?
A: There are regular bike rides on Sunday mornings, meeting at Haven Banks, opposite Climbing Centre, at 9am. See training page for full details and contact.

Q: When and where are the arranged bike rides?
A: These are arranged though the Facebook page. These are steady road bike rides, mountain bike rides of off-road runs. These are all aimed at long steady activities with an emphasis on enjoyment and group training. Bike rides are always planned around a good café stop. Keep an eye out on Facebook for these organised runs and rides.

Q: Do I need to ride a racing bike?
A: No. A racing bike will definitely make joining the ride easier but it is not a requirement. We do recommend that you fit your bike with smooth or lightly treaded road tyres rather than knobbly off road tyres as these more than anything will slow you down.

Q: I’m really slow, will I get left behind?
A: No. A more competent rider rides with the slowest group to ensure that no one is left behind no matter how slow you are. You are probably not as slow as you think.

Q: Do I need to wear a helmet?
A: Absolutely yes. It is a requirement of club rides that you wear a helmet. It is also a condition of participating in all duathlon and triathlon races and bike time trials.


Q: What time and where are the run sessions?
A: The running sessions are at 6pm each Friday at Exeter Arena, Exhibition Field, Summer Lane, Whipton, Exeter Devon EX4 8NN.

Location map:

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Q: How good a runner do I have to be to join the run sessions?
A: If you can jog steadily at a pace where you can talk to the person beside you for 30 minutes without stopping you will be able to join the sessions.

Q: I am really slow. Will I get left behind?
A: Run sessions are structured to ensure that no one gets left behind. There are normally 2 or 3 different groups for members of differing ability.


Q: How much does a year’s membership cost?
A: Membership is for a full year (February 1st to January 31st) costs £38 for full adult membership. There are two other categories: £27 for students in full time education, £22 for juniors age 16 and under (age as at 31st December).

Q: It’s the middle of the year; do I get a membership discount?
A: As all memberships expire on January 31st every year we do slightly reduce membership fees towards the end of the year. Contact the Membership Secretary.  (Due to COVID in 2020 we are not currently offering a discounted rate to enable current fully paid members to make use of the restricted sessions.)

Q: Does my Exeter Tri membership give me automatic membership of the British Triathlon Federation (BTF)?
A: No. The club’s BTF affiliation does NOT give our members automatic BTF membership. We do encourage our members to join the BTF as BTF membership provides a number of personal benefits including insurance whilst training, discounts on race entry fees and enables members to race for Great Britain internationally. As an Exeter Tri Club member you get BTF membership at a discounted rate. www.britishtriathlon.org

Q: What other benefits are there to being an Exeter Tri member?
A: There are some discounts available at some local sports shops and with some sports massage therapists.
These include:

The Bike Shed,

Snow & Rock,