Social Calendar 2019

Christmas is a distant memory, New Year’s Eve party mistakes have been rectified and just when you thought Brexit was the only thing to look forward to (!)… the Exeter Tri Club social calendar is out and is now an actual calendar!

Check out this year’s events by going to where you’ll find some well-established highlights as well as some shiny new events.

Panic not about the blanks spaces…details are being finalised for an event involving eating, drinking and very little sport in March/April. And whilst May 2019 is bursting at the seams with social gatherings (too much of a good thing?) there are less busy months throughout the year so please feel free to make suggestions. They may or may not be ignored.

The social events are a fantastic way to get to know club members without feeling compromised clothing-wise (though that does depend on the type of social occasion obviously) and also provides plenty of opportunity to succumb to peer pressure, for example by signing up to events you promised yourself you would never do. Ever.

Though less alcohol is involved (usually), marshalling at any of the events organised by the club offers another opportunity to a) chat to other members in a “normal” environment b) find out any club gossip c) start any club gossip (it’s a well-known fact that many successful relationships started by eyes meeting across a virtually empty, cold, wet, rugby field doubling up as an aquathlon finish line) and d) to feel smug at your downright selflessness to proudly support the club at some ridiculous hour on a Sunday morning.

Finer details will be provided closer to the event dates, as well as more being added, so do keep an eye on what’s happening.

As ever, any queries please email me at

Juliette (aka Suzanne Swimmer)

Juliette Dean