Would you like fries with that?

As reward for our extensive commitment to the sea and exercise, it’s only fair that we have a few socials, all of which involve eating.

Tuesday 22nd August
Chippy Chuesday,
Same as all the others…only a week earlier.

Tuesday 29th August
Instead of Chippy Chuesday, there will be a barbecue, courtesy of the Tri Club. Vegetarian option will also be available.
Please bring drinks, condiments, chairs/picnic blankets, pudding (as required).

Tuesday 26th September
Chippy Chuesday…taken up a notch.
Final sea swim of the season so we’re taking over the fish and chip restaurant.
If it’s raining we’ll stay dry, if it’s cold we’ll stay warm. Win win.

All of the above events will take place at approximately 7.30, after the sea swims. As ever, it is far from obligatory to participate in the swimming…support crews are always welcome.

The restaurant need to know numbers for 26th September so please let me know in person, on Facebook or via email (social@exetertri.co.uk) if planning to attend. Or with any other queries. One question per person please.


Juliette Dean